I just heard about Miriam (obstaclespecialist) and I’m speechless. I barely knew her, I just mainly knew her blog.

She seemed like a great person and she was so hilarious. She made the Interpol fandom so great. Gosh, she was probably the biggest Interpol fan I knew. She seemed like such an awesome person and I’m really sad. 

She really will be missed. 

Street of thought
In all your bones
Hold your place
And save your throne
Lie awake supine and golden
Greet the great its time

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I’m gonna miss receiving your tweets at 4am (because of our time difference)

I’m gonna miss our arguments about tv shows

I’m gonna miss our swooning over actors and Paul of course

I’m gonna miss our conversations about simple things like the weather

I’m gonna miss the comments you make under the posts on tumblr

Oh how I’m gonna miss everything about you…

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Paul and Helena

some magazine thing In London July 18th

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